Amarnath Leaves/Thotakura Pulusu


Thotakura or Amarnath leaves is a readily available leafy vegetable. It can be used to prepare pappu(dal), pulusu kura or stir fry. Now it is used in snacks too, so that hidden thotakura enters the kids menu.

For the pulusu, we need

2 Cups Thotakura

½ Cup Onions(chopped)

½ Cup Tomato (chopped)

4 tsp Thick Tamarind Juice

2 tsp Palli Powder/Peanut Powder

½ tsp Jaggery/Bellam

Turmeric powder little

½ tsp Chilly Powder

½ tsp Mustard Seeds/Avalu

5 Red Chillies

10 Curry Leaves/Karvepaku

Cooking Oil



§  Heat 4-5 tsps of Oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds, red chillies, curry leaves & fry.

§  Now add Onions, Chilly powder, turmeric powder, mix well.

§  Add tomatoes and cook till juices run out.

§  Now add chopped Thotakura and jaggery, little water, salt & cover with lid, see that it is cooked well.

§  Finally add peanut powder, mix and remove from flame after 2 mins. Serve with rice or rotis.



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