Oats Dosa


For those who don’t like to eat Oats as it is, this is a good option to try.. Doesn’t need a separate chutney, just tomato sauce will suffice.


1 Cup Oats
1 Cup Rice Flour
½ Cup Wheat Atta
¼ Cup Bombay Rava
1 tsp Jeera/Cumin powder
½ tsp Pepper Powder
½ Cup Milk (boiled & cooled)
½ Cup Carrot (grated)
½ Cup Coriander leaves/Kothimera
½ Cup Onions (chopped)
Little Grated Cheese
Cooking Oil


  • Mix rice flour, wheat atta, Bombay rava, jeera powder, pepper powder, milk, oats and salt with water to the consistency of dosa batter. Keep aside for 20 mins.
  • Heat skillet/tava and pour batter to make a thick dosa. Spread grated carrot, coriander leaves, onions, grated cheese evenly over it.


  • Cover with a lid and cook on medium flame for 6-8mins.
  • The yummy Oats dosa is ready to be served. Combine with tomato sauce or any chutney of your choice.



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