Kajjikayalu are traditional sweets most preferred and prepared during festivals. Depending on the stuffing you select, the taste of it varies and time to prepare them also depends on this. So, prepare for the upcoming festive season and give it a try..


½ kg Maida or Chiroti Rava
¼ kg Putnala Pappu/Roasted Bengal Gram Dal
¼ kg Dry Coconut (grated)
½ kg Sugar
1 tsp Elachi/Cardamom Powder
100 gms Poppy Seeds/Gasagasalu (dry roasted)
Cooking oil


  • Firstly we have to prepare atta for the outer cover of the kajjikayalu. For this, mix maida with enough water and 8-10 tsp of oil. The atta should be smooth.
  • Cover with a wet, thin cotton cloth and keep aside till you prepare the stuffing.
  • Now for the stuffing, grind roasted Bengal gram dal and sugar into fine powder. Transfer it into a container and add grated coconut, Elachi powder and poppy seeds. Mix well.
  • Now pinch a lemon sized amount of maida atta. Press it using rolling pin to the size of poori. (To make perfect shaped kajjikayalu, we need a mould that is available in market).
  • Apply oil to the mould, place one poori over it. Carefully place the stuffing powder inside it.
  • Now press the mould and hold on for a while. Remove extra atta, if any from the mould.
  • Prepare remaining ones in a similar method. Now, heat the oil in a pan, for deep fry.
  • Drop 6-8 at a time and cook till they turn pale brown. Allow them to cool and serve.
  • This can be stored for about 2 weeks in an air tight container.

Note : Different combinations of stuffing can be used for this. Chopped dry fruits of your choice with dates and poppy seeds, is one of the best combinations. Fresh coconut + sugar + poppy seeds will be good too. You can also try the same recipe mentioned above with jaggery/bellam instead of sugar.



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