Special Mysore Pak

Sweets.. especially Mysore Pak, remains my all time favorite. Here, I found this recipe on a cookery show on T.V. Just tried preparing it and the taste was really too good. Thought of sharing this with all of you here.. Kids will love to eat them, just try out..

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1 Cup Besan/Gram Flour/Senagapindi
1 Cup Bombay Rava/Sooji
1 Cup Fresh Grated Coconut
4 Cups Sugar
1 Cup Ghee


  • Heat 4-5 tsp of ghee in a cooking pan. Roast Bombay Rava, Besan and grated Coconut one after the other and keep aside.
  • In a thick bottomed cooking vessel, take sugar and add one cup of water.
  • Cook on medium flame, stirring in between until the liquid or pakam becomes sticky.
  • Now add rava, besan and coconut one by one, stirring continuously.
  • Pour some hot ghee over it. Mix well.
  • Keep stirring and put it on low flame until the mixture gets tight.
  • Apply ghee to a deep plate and spread the mixture over it.
  • Cut into desired shapes while it’s warm and allow it to cool completely before serving,
  • Special Mysore pak can be stored for 4-5 days in an air tight container.

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